Bible Study-The Power of the Gospel: Romans 1:1-7

The Power of the Gospel
Romans 1:1-7
See It
Read Romans 1:1-7
1. What do you think is the big idea in this passage?
2. Why do you think the Apostle Paul would focus his whole life on preaching the gospel?
3. What does the gospel mean to you?
Know It
4. Look up the following verses and make observations about the content of the gospel:
1 Corinthians 15:3-4
Romans 3:23-26
Romans 5:8-11
5. What is the gospel message?
6. What does the gospel say about God?
7. What does the gospel say about sin?
8. What does the gospel say about Jesus?
9. What does the gospel say about man’s response?
Live It
10. According to these verses what should our response be to the gospel?
Romans 10:9-12
Mark 8:34-38
11. What does God require of us in response to the gospel message?
12. What is your response to the gospel?
13. How will this study affect your relationship with God as a worshipper and as a witness for Christ?