30 things the Bible says to Pastors

A Biblical Theology of Pastoral Leadership

1 Timothy

1. Pastor’s must rebuke and correct false teaching (1:3-5)
2. Pastor’s need to demonstrate the grace of God in their lives through their salvation and call to service (1:12-16)
3. Pastor’s need to hold on to faith and a good conscience (1:18-20)
4. Pastor’s need to lead their congregations in prayer (2:1-2)
5. Pastor’s need to teach on the appropriate roles of men and women (2:8-15)
6. Pastors need to be men of integrity and godly character (3:1-7)
7. Pastors need to teach people how to live as followers of Christ in God’s Church (3:14-15)
8. Pastor’s need to be able to discern and expose demonic teaching and correct it with true doctrine (4:1-6)
9. Pastors need to discipline themselves to grow in godliness (4:7-9)
10. Pastors need to focus on the preaching and studying of God’s Word (4:11-16)
11. Pastors need to treat people with respect and love (5:1-3)
12. Pastors need to treat the office of being an elder with honor and holiness (5:17-22)
13. Pastors need to be free from the love of money (6:7-10)
14. Pastors are to live as godly men (6:11-16)
15. Pastors are teach their people to trust in God and to store up treasures in Heaven (6:17-19)
16. Pastors are to guard their hearts and not give in to godless talk (6:20-21)

2 Timothy

17. Pastors are to build relationships with,  pray for and encourage young leaders (1:3-7)
18. Pastors need to recognize their calling from the Lord (1:11-12)
19. Pastors hold fast to Biblical doctrine (1:13-14)
20. Pastors are strong in Christ’s grace (2:1)
21. Pastors are to practice spiritual reproduction by training leaders to teach others (2:2)
22. Pastors are committed, disciplined and hardworking in their calling (2:3-10)
23. Pastors teach their people the truth and charge them not to argue about non-essentials (2:11-14)
24. Pastors don’t waste time with foolish arguments but instead diligently study the Word of God (2:14-16)
25. Pastors flee from youthful lusts but pursue righteousness and the fruit of the Spirit (2:22)
26. Pastors don’t argue but they gently correct those in opposition (2:23-26)
27. Pastors know and preach the Word of God (3:14-4:2)
28. Pastors fulfill their ministry by doing the work of an evangelist (4:5)
29. Pastors who serve well can look forward to an eternal reward (4:6-8)
30. Pastors are strengthened by God so that they may preach the gospel (4:17-18)